About us


Preparatio is an agency for advising, preparing and organizing sports preparations. With our experience and knowledge we can offer solutions regarding sports events, we advise and help prepare a graphic concept, online solutions, online registrations, modern e-mails, we take care of accommodation and organization of the whole event. We also deal with social networks, we establish communication with modern channels and introduce sports marketing through Facebook and other online or printed media.


    We set up the whole project – from the initial idea to the final realization.


    Work organization, preparation and graphic design are key features for a well established concept of a work.


    We bolster your ideas with modern graphics, media and social networks. With all that, we achieve optimal advertising.


    We try to effectively influence the target group and assure their satisfaction.



»I have first became acquainted with sports tourism after the bankruptcy of the Basketball Club Maribor Messer. where I professionally worked for 7 years, firstly as head of youth selections, later as assistant coach and finally as head coach.
After the infamous collapse of the club I found myself at crossroad, because I had some doubts that I still want to fulfill my dreams of becoming top coach. I realized that this kind of job and having healthy relationship or family doesn’t really go together. I decided that priority is my family, but basketball and sport have definitely remained important factors in my life.
In parallel with sports tourism, I still work semi-professionally as a coach, after two years coaching in the women’s basketball club ŽKD Maribor, in the 2017/2018 season I will train UBI Graz women’s team. The most pleasant memories for this period of professional coaching are those including important matches, tournaments abroad and preparations. This is the reason why we want to make every effort to give all teams this positive experience, we will make sure that children will go home pleased, with nice memories that will enrich their lives. «


“Despite my youth, I have been dealing with internet and its interaction for a long time now.  I have already been aware of the importance of the internet and its power at a time when I was still actively training basketball.

At that time I established a today well-known web site NBACro.com, which I edited for 5 years, later I was the chief editor of the Croatian portal Crošarka.  After the injury, which prevented me from my further professional career, I have been gaining experience by working with various sports clubs, I have been editing web sites, moderating matches and taking care of social networks and clubs PR. For five years, I was also working as a coach in the women’s basketball club ŽKD Maribor, where I have been involved in the establishment of the School of Basketball and in successes of youth selections.

I strongly believe in work on the Internet, I am convinced that the clubs have been more and more aware of positive effects of the internet and that projects or cooperation will conclude with mutual satisfaction”


We want to make events that will forever stay in your memories and bring feelings of happiness and satisfaction every time you recall them.

We help and consult sportsmen and sports clubs with matters of organization, online marketing, social networks and event promotions. This allows teams to dedicate themselves exclusively to their work in the best possible conditions.

“your satisfaction, our success”

We believe that we can become a service to sports clubs, professional athletes, recreational players and others, connected by sport.

We are convinced that open and good mutual relations are foundation for success. Our partners and everyone with whom we cooperate will feel and respond to our positive energy and sincerity.


We arrange the best accommodation, reservation of sports fields, halls, fitness, swimming pools, massage. We take care of all your needs.

In cooperation with sports clubs we advise and organize friendly matches or preparation tournaments.

“Tournaments and PR services”

With our experience we offer a complete organization of sports tournaments.

We provide consulting, preparation, graphic design and creation of a website, online registration, e-mail design, marketing during the tournament and final report on internet, social networks, e-mail.

Social networks (e. g. Facebook event) as a PR service falls into a special kategory, where we provide fast, responsive and modern marketing in short time with a preliminary analysis and preparation.

We successfully carried out more than 10 tournaments, attended by almost 3000 athletes who went home enriched with nice memories and experiences.